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Accurate Democracy

Likely USA Reforms
Web sites which have linked to Accurate Democracy are likely to have related matterial.

Administration and Cost of Elections Project provides web pages in English, Spanish and French.
BRINT Institute
Center for Voting and Democracy
Condorcet related material from Rob Lanphier
Condorcet.org by Blake Cretney
Constitutional theory through practice
David Barnsdale's Elections: Results and Voting systems... Single Transferable Vote
David Baron's Government & Politics Links
DC Pages Elections
Democracy at alphastandard.net
Demos conducts research and connects reformers around the U.S.
Direct Democracy League: Stephen Neitzke advocates constitutional renewal at state and national levels to meld sovereign citizen lawmaking -- initiative and statute referendum, recall, and online citizen institutions -- with a still-strong, but more-limited representative government
Discrete Math class by David Thompson at Riverdale High School in Portland, Oregon
Earth, Inc. Resources page
Election Information by Prof. Steven D. Roper
Election Systems 101 by Peter A. Taylor has an interesting evaluation of many voting methods.
Elections & Parties, a class web-project from pol-101 at University of Dayton
Electoral-Reform Society's Links to voting systems - cached
Elections and Electoral Systems by Country at the University of Keele
Electoral Systems in U.S. at the University of Keele
Enhancing & Expanding Democracy by Steve Magruder at Democracy 2.0, a nonpartisan nonprofit promoting pervasive democracy
Filosofia game theory links by Sandro F. Reis
Google Web Directory - Science > Social Sciences > Political Science > Comparative Politics
Google Web Directory - Society > Politics > Campaigns and Elections > Voting Systems
Guide to Elections and Electoral Systems on the Internet, University of Keele
Herman Braun
ICANN, ccTLD Constituency list, Voting information and resources
ILFRY Newsletter August & September 1997
Innovations in Democracy toward wiser democracies that work for all
Interesting Places from Fair Choice Party, Steve Glickman
Jason Farbman, Green candidate in Illinois
Korean site - cached
Lorrie Cranor's new and old Electronic Voting Hot List
Lunds Naturvetarkårs valnämnd - Lunds Naturvetarkår
M302 Dr. Tamara R. Lefcourt at the University of Texas
Manatoba Party on Condorcet's method
Mathematics Olympiad Learning Centre
The Mathematics of Social Choices:
Metodologia: Politiikan tutkimusmetodologiat: Keskitytään tutkimaan vaalianalyysiä ja Condocetin sääntöjä uta.fi/laitokset (ValtIO-OPPI) .
New Zealand's Department of Internal Affairs.
Tauranga District Council. or here
The Internet Society of New Zealand.
One Window to Philosophy by Sandro F Reis in English or Portugues
Opinions and Ramblings by Paul Hsieh
Political Science links from Eastern Illinois University
Political Theory from Moorhead University - cached
Political Theory from the University of Keele
The Political Science Dept in the Univ. of Michigan at Flint has over 300 links on 6 pages: Comparative Politics & International Relations,   Political Theory,   News & Media,   U.S. Federal Government Sites,   U.S.Politics, Parties, & Interest Groups,   U.S.Politics & Government General.
Poll types in eVote (R)
PR Society of Australia
Proposed constituion for a small 21st century state, by Jack Durst
Reflections on Contemporary Democracy
Rules and Structures of STV Elections in Malta
Second Choice Voting features beautiful bell curves illustrating the squeeze effect on central candidates and policies.
Anton Sherwood's links
Sites that talk about ballot design
Jonivar Skullerud's bookmarks
Skyline Network, government links
"Some sites that are largely political and hugely useful" by F. David Levenbach
Stakeholder / Social Information System (pdf).
Summary of email discussion on format of voting for SAC members.
Technical details of single-winner voting rules have been debated on the election-methods mail list since 1996.
Techno Democracy Project -- References
Teoria dos jogos
Teoría y Métodos en Ciencia Política
Theorems_And_Conjectures - Four Colour Theorem by the Geometry online learning center
Thierry Excoffier
Toelichting bij de motie 'Kiessysteem interne verkiezingen'
University of Dublin course Citizens, Politics & Decisions
Washington DC City Pages: Government : Elections
Webpage PoliSci 635F
[Web-power-by-net's mirror site for A Democracy Map]
Political Theory at Winona State University - cached
Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
WorldBook General Reference Encyclopedia > Social Science > Government > Elections > Voting
WSU Political Science- Research: Political Theory - cached
Why atheists should advocate election reform. on Condorcet's rule
Yahoo discussion group: stv-voting
yahoo group PR-forum
Yes Magazine Winter 2003 "What would democracy look like?"

Web Pages Gone Missing:

Arkadii Slinko Auckland NZ Math. Dept. Class 381 - cached
Canadian Supporters of PR - cached
Herman Beun - Politics, Recent, Vote counting systems
Election Hotline at GoHotline
IFLRY Newsletter August & September 1997 - cached
OzEmu (Australian web directory) Society : Politics : Campaigns and Elections - cached
PC Game Finder
UC140: Quantitative Reasoning University of Cincinnati - cached
Supporters of Proportional Representation in Canada
Wahlen, Wahlsysteme Weltweit at University of Marburg Germany
Yahoo group discussion on STV

Organizations working to reform voting rules are listed on the resources page.  Future Rules Intro to accurate democracy

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