Newsletter August & September 1997

In the Newsletter you will find a short update on the most recent news. On many things you will receive more extensive reports, for example during meetings of the Executive Committee or the General Assembly. If you want to know more, do not hesitate to contact the Secretariat or the responsible Bureau member.

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This newsletter includes:

News from member organisations

Please note that all of you are welcome and asked to contribute to the Newsletter and Calender of Events. Please inform us (at least) about you activities like for example the main results of your national congress. We also would also like to include reports about international and other activities of member organisations and in this way facilitate the exchange of information and experiences! And whatever else you choose to communicate: Please do not forget to inform us when you appoint or elect a new international officer! And it facilitates communication a lot to let the IFLRY office know about changed addresses and new and old e-mail addresses! Thanks!


WFLRY, EFLRY and IFLRY: 50 years

After the second World War young liberals and radicals started to co-operate in an organised form already in 1947 when WFLRY was founded. After WFLRY came EFLRY and then IFLRY. (If you replace the W in WFLRY with World and the E in EFLRY with European and add IFLRY's full name minus the International you have the full names of WFLRY and EFLRY).

This means that 1947 is the 50th anniversary of IFLRY as WFLRY and EFLRY are the direct predecessors of IFLRY. The well known difficulties of running an international youth organisations lead to the dissolution of WFLRY in 1978. (WFLRY had had members mainly in Western Europe and in a few non-European countries) EFLRY which was founded in 1969 worked on European level. After EFLRY existed for 10 years in 1979 it was renamed into IFLRY and the aim was to reestablish an international organisation as WFLRY had once been or aimed to be. In 1994 IFLRY celebrated its 15th birthday as IFLRY. But of course a 50th birthday is something very special and should be celebrated as well or even more! Some ideas have been developed and several former WFLRY-EFLRY-IFLRY activists have already expressed their interest and will to contribute. The main celebration and maybe also some reflections and discussion will take place in the General Assembly which will take place from 4th to 7th of December 1997 In Bulgaria. If you know of former WFLRY-EFLRY-IFLRY in your countries and parties please let us know about them! And if you like and can please inform them as well. Also any ideas about the celebration are welcome!


IFLRY Seminar in Senegal

A report on the IFLRY seminar on "Development, democracy and voting techniques" which took place in June in Dakar, Senegal is now available. It includes the main speeches of the seminar and information on the Organisation for African Liberal Youth.


IFLRY - LYMEC Summercamp

The 1997 IFLRY-LYMEC summer camp took place in the ancient town of Pula in Istria, Croatia, from 10th to 18th of August 1997. The event was organised in co-operation with the Liberal Students Association of Croatia (LSA).

More information can be received from IFLRY vice-president Simon James. (E-mail: or phone + 44.585.134964)


JOVD Congress

JOVD held its congress from 21st to 2nd of June in Akersloot, the Netherlands. Ciska Scheidel was reelected as JOVD president, Ruben Maes is the new vice-president, Nicole Maes is the new secretary-general and Pieter van den Berg is the new treasurer. Daniel Tanahatoe was elected for international officer.

The main topic of the congress was a resolution on urban and rural planning and infrastructure. The planning is quite strict in the Netherlands. JOVD discussed and adopted this resolution and aims to liberalise this planning.

A meeting on the subject of the Treaty of Amsterdam, organised by the international office, took also place during the congress. LYMEC president Dennis Straat explained about the outcome of the Treaty, which was adopted one week earlier in Amsterdam by the Prime-ministers and Heads of State of the European Union. After the explanation a discussion on the outcome of this Treaty. took place Some thought it was another "European compromise" which does not help the Union to prepare itself for future expansion. Others thought it was a small step in the right direction.

For more information please contact JOVD or international officer Daniel Tanahatoe by e-mail at:


JOVD & others: Eurotour '97

From 8th to 16th of July the Eurotour 1997 took place. Fifty-seven participants from The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Austria, Norway, Sweden and Denmark joined this project and travelled through Europe by coach. The Eurotour went to Brussels, Luxembourg, Geneva, Chamonix and Strasbourg. During the trip many institutions were visited: in Brussels the Belgium Parliament and NATO; in Luxembourg the European Investment Bank; in Geneva the International Red Cross, the United Nations Office, the World Trade Organization and the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees; finally we visited in Strasbourg the Council of Europe, the Human Rights Commission and of course the European Parliament. Besides this program participants had some time to walk in the beautiful mountains of France and to make a wine tour in the Alsace. The organisers and participants wish to thank the Dutch MEP Mr. Wiebenga for inviting the JOVD to come to Strasbourg to visit the Parliament. For more information you can contact Edgar Hütte by e-mail at: edgar@


FEJOL Congress in Paraguay

The 8th congress of FEJOL took place 11th to 13th of July in Asuncion in Paraguay. The main tasks of the congress were to discuss new structures and to plan future activities. The congress changed the full name of FEJOL from "Federación Jovenes Latino-americanos Liberales, Radicales y Progresistas" into "Federación Latinoamericana de Jóvenes Liberales" (Federation of Latinamerican Young Liberals).

In the future the bureau and Executive Committee of FEJOL will be composed by one President, one secretary General (both elected for one year) and one vice-president from each full member organisation nominated by the individual organisations. The latter will have a two years mandate. Therefore the congress now elected a president and secretary general both for the first and the second year.

For the first year (July 97-July 98) Alejandro Rico (FJH, Uruguay) and Rufino Palmerola (JLRA, Paraguay) were elected as president and secretary general. For the second year (July 98 - July 99) Alcione Vergil (AJL, Brazil) and Dayler Andrade (MLD, Bolivia) were elected.

As vice-presidents Rosana Manzo (CdL, Argentina), Alcione Vergil (AJL, Brazil), Dayler Andrade (MLD, Bolivia), Loreto Flores (VL, Chile), Manuel Lobos (J-PAC, Chile) and Darío Dangón (UCJD, Colombia) have been appointed.

The congress also decided that FEJOL should have three types of member organisations: 1. Organisation that have mother parties which are represented in parliament, 2. Organisations which do not have a mother party with parliamentary representation and 3. Observer members. The first type of organisations will have two votes and the second type of organisations one vote. Observer members have no voting rights. FEJOL also introduced membership fees and the amount is also related to the type of membership (500 USD, 275 and 250 USD per year). The congress confirmed Uruguay as the seat of the organisation. FJH will take care of obtaining a legal status for FEJOL.

Movimiento Libertad y Democracia (Bolivia) was accepted as a full member.

FEJOL also took a decision on Vanguardia Liberal (which had in some way split into two groups) and recognised the Vanguardia Liberal with Marcelo Correa as president as the only Vanguardia Liberal in Chile.

The congress decided to support the candidature of Dario Dangón (UCJD) for the post of IFLRY vice-president.

The congress also supported the proposal to organise the IFLRY Executive Committee in May 1999 in Brazil.

The following organisations participated in the congress: Club de la Libertad (Argentina), Movimiento Libertad y Democracia (Bolivia), Acao de Juventude Liberal (Brazil), Vanguardia Liberal (Chile), Juventud del Partido Alianza de Centro (Chile), Unión Colombiana de Jóvenes Demócratas (Colombia), Juventud Liberal Radical Autentica (Paraguay) and the Federación de Juventudes Herreristas (Uruguay). Also the FNS representative for South America, Rainer Erkens participated in the congress. IFLRY vice-president (and former FEJOL president) Eduardo Merodio participated in the congress.


Young Democrats

The national convention of the Young Democrats took place 13th to 17th of August. The convention also elected a new board. The new president is Kim Kiely Kim. Gig Robinson was appointed Deputy International Affairs Liaison at the Young Democrats of America National Convention by the newly elected YDA President. Gig is an active member of the YDA's National Committee and attended the Young Liberals of Canada conference" YLC's Perspectives '96". Joe McDermott did not seek reappointment. He has now finished his degree and is working within the senior party's organisation.


Lietuvos Liberalus Jaunimas

On the occasion of the the Conference of Baltic Sea and Central European states leaders that took place in in Vilnius, Lithuania in the beginning of September and the participation of the the President of Belarus Mr. Lukasenka, the Lithuanian Liberal Youth organised - in co-operation with other NGOs- activities for the protection of human rights and democracy. A petition (see below) was drafted and handed to the Embassy of Belarus in Vilnius. The petition was also handed to the presidential office of Lithuania during a demonstration near the presidential palace, where the conference took place. For more information you can contact Lietuvos Liberalus Jaunimas by e-mail at:


To the President of Belarus and Participants in the Vilnius Conference '97 On Violations of Human Rights in Belarus

As representatives of Lithuanian non-governmental organisations, we would like to voice our concern about constant human rights violations in Belarus. No government has a right to curb freedom of speech, thought, movement, gatherings, organisations or any other universally recognised human rights.

The practises of the present leadership of Belarus are in contradiction with principles of international law, spirit of Helsinki Final Act, human rights set forth in Universal Declaration of Human Rights, European Convention on the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms.

We appeal to the officials of Belarus not to restrict people on their path to freedom and democracy.

We encourage Vilnius Conference 97 participants to discuss the state of human rights in Belarus and to urge its officials to respect individual freedom and other democratic values.

September 1, 1997,Vilnius


JuLi congress

The JuLi congress took place from 5th to 7th of September in Hamburg-Bergedorf. One of the main resolutions the congress adopted dealt with globalisation. The JuLis also adopted resolutions demanding a decrease of the contributions to the public pension fund and the public insurance for the car of elderly people in need (Pflegeversicherung). The congress also elected the JuLi delegates to IFLRY and LYMEC. International guests came from RDYF, JOVD, Young Liberals of Kosova and the "Young Dolphins", the youth organisation of the Liberal Democratic Party of Turkey (LDP)Turkey. IFLRY president Imke Roebken visited the congress.


NKL Congress

The next NKL congress will take place in Seinäjoki from 4th to 5th October 1997. The congress will deal with:
- election of the president
- election of new bureau members
- programmes for urban, rural and environmental issues
- other resolutions

Seinäjoki can be reached by train from Helsinki (3 and a half hours) or by plane from Helsinki. For more information please contact the NKL office.



KOL, Student Union of the Centre Party of Finland has a new secretary general. His name is Kim Huovinlahti. He is 25 years old and a student from Turku. He started his new job on the 2nd of September. You can contact Kim in the KOL office and by e-mail at:



Rosalind Gill has resigned as international officer of LDYS. A new international officer will be co-opted soon.



LUF, Sweden has a new president. His name is Erik Ullenhag.


Liberaler Studenter

The address of the new international officer (see last newsletter) of LS, Sweden is:

Karin Granbom
Vistv. 59b
S-587 31 Linköping
Phone: + 46.13102964


Liberal International: Draft LI Manifesto on the Web

The draft new Liberal International Manifesto is published in English and Spanish on the World Wide Web and can be found at

This is the official draft of "The Liberal Agenda for the 21st Century" by Lord Wallace of Saltaire, which will be the main text for discussion and adoption at the Liberal International 50th Anniversary Congress in Oxford, 27th to 30th November. A French text will be available shortly. Amendments may be proposed by parties and groups with official Membership or Observer status in Liberal International. This means that also IFLRY can propose amendments. If you do not have access to Internet and would like to receive the draft by e-mail or mail please contact the IFLRY office. The deadline for proposals for amendments to be made by IFLRY is the 15th of September.


Available from the office

Reports of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe on Ukraine, Moldova, Macedonia and the elections in Armenia, Croatia, Belarus, Georgia and Azerbaijan are available in limited numbers from the office. The Parliamentary Assembly publishes these country reports when a country applies for membership. They include brief descriptions of the recent history of the country and especially it's development to democracy and information on the present situation.

From the April 97 session of the Parliamentary Assembly the following reports are available (in limited numbers) from the IFLRY office: refugees and displaced persons in the CIS, the progress of economic reform in Central and Eastern Europe, the protection and reinforcement of human rights of refugees and asylum seekers in Europe, traffic in women and forced prostitution in Council of Europe member states, European air transport policies, instruments of citizen participation in representative democracy, the state of emergency in Albania, establishing international standards for assessing the environmental impact of industrial enterprises (also in French), the European Charter of the Danube Basin, the CIS and its Parliamentary Assembly and the conflicts in Transcaucasia

Also copies of the Council of Europe report on a conference: Equality and democracy: "Utopia or challenge?" and copies of the Taiwan International Review by the DPP are still available from the office.


Internet & New or changed on Internet

Please inform IFLRY about any changes to your e-mail addresses! And: if you only read your e-mail occasionally it would also be useful to know. IFLRY is since some time now also using an electronic mailing list to distribute information and invitations. (It is always stated that nominations have to come from the organisation as such) All young liberals and radicals who gave and give IFLRY their e-mail address are or will be subscribed to it. Thus, if you want your members to be informed about IFLRY let us know their e-mail addresses. It is not possible to subscribe your self. But everybody , who does not wish to receive the information sent out through the mailing list can easily unsubscribe him or herself.

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