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Where to look next.
Common plurality rule's erratic flip flops
Better one-winner rules such as Instant Runoff Voting
Condorcet's rule for 1 central winner
PR by party lists or Single Transferable Vote for fairly distributed winners
Ensemble rules for a centrally- balanced council

Top Voting Sites on the Web

This site alone develops ways to achieve  centrally- balanced councils,  central policies, and  fair-share funding for projects.  A handful of sites explain both  Condorcet and  PR rules which you can combine to create  centrally- balanced councils.  A dozen sites compare election methods from around the world. (Please tell us of any that compare legislative voting methods.)  Please distinguish these sites from the hundreds giving away political rumors and self-serving opinions.


The voting tools page has links to software for putting accurate democracy to work in any organization. The linked sites page lists eighty-some sites linked to Accurate Democracy and likely to have related material.

The following sites have links to dozens of others by theorists, practitioners, and activists.

DMOZ... Voting_Systems
Wikipedia... Voting_Systems
YES! Magazine's Resource Guide for Democracy

The ACE Project researches the Administration and Cost of Elections and provides web pages in English, Spanish and French.
Ciencia Política en Internet Asociacion Española de Ciencia Politica y de la Administracion (Spanish Political Science Association)
The American Political Science Association

Richard Kimber has an extensive collection of over 3,200 links to the major political and governmental sites around the world, including Elections.

Take action.

To support PR and IRV rules, contact:
Australia PR Society of Australia
Britain Electoral Reform Society
Fair Vote Canada,
“More choice, fairer results, stronger representation.”
Vote YES for BC-STV Proportional Representation
FairVote: the Center for Voting and Democracy
California Citizens for Proportional Representation
Proportional Representation Foundation
“Building a foundation for PR in the USA”
FairVote Minnesota, promoting awareness of voting systems and their effect on democracy.

Be sure to check the tools page for programs that tally multi-winner elections and budget decisions.

To support Condorcet rules, contact:
Although many academics promote Condorcet rules, no political activists have taken it up. Most activists want to pull policies toward one side.
Blake Cretney offers an excellent web site for Condorcet- completion rules. He offers free, open-source software at SourceForge.
Rob Lanphier's Condorcet's Method explains Condorcet's criterion and others.
Election Methods Mailing List hosts an open discussion focused mainly on the technical qualities of single-winner election methods.

Be sure to check the tools page for programs that tally single-winner elections and policy decisions.

Build Civil Society.

Voter Media
“helps communities connect with their elected leaders, by letting voters allocate community funds to competing blogs.”
Group Works
A pattern language for bringing life to meetings.
The Deliberatorium
helps large groups, spread out in space and time, combine their insights to find good solutions for complex problems.
Co-Intelligence Institute
Beyond Public Opinion to Public Judgment.
Innovations in Democracy
Toward Wiser Democracies that Work for All.
Open Society Institute
Building Vibrant and Tolerant Democracies.
Yes Magazine
What Would Democracy Look Like?

Corporate governance:
How stock holders, workers and/or citizens can control corporations.
Voter Media
Mark Latham invented Voter Media to help stockholders access and control the information they need to vote sensibly on proxy issues such as electing a board of directors.

Economic Justice
US Participatory Budgeting Network brings together individuals and organizations in the USA that want to implement participatory budgeting in their communities.
New Rules Project includes practical advice for “devolving authority and democratizing decisionmaking.”
Single Tax concepts of Henry Georges applied to achieve global economic justice, by T. Nicolaus Tideman.

Non-cyber sites for co-operation:
Places designed to grow individual and group skills for democracy.
On Solar Streets and Wilderness Alleys.
A solar street at Windsong CoHousing Community.
Decks over cars, designs for commons areas along residential alleys.
Alley gating and greening in Baltimore, Neighborhood commons.
Other Inventions

Local democracy needs economic freedom from corporate control. That freedom needs tools such as these for local self-reliance.

  The next page gives three voting reforms most likely to win favor in the USA. PoliticalSim simulation software for election systems

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