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This site shows the best voting methods for elections and meetings.
The resulting councils are inclusive, well centered, and decisive.
Free software makes the voting and tallies easy!
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One Winner Election Ballot, Pictorial, Tally
IRV, Data, Tactics, Maps
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Multi Winner Election Merits, Data, Quotes
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Ensemble CouncilNew Merits, More
LER, Notes
Other, Seats
Policy DecisionNew Motions, Ballot
Tactics, Cycles
LOR, Notes
Other, Amend
Project SelectionNew Uses, Need, Notes
Ballot, Tally, LAR, Ltd
Options, Other
Budget SettingNew Ballot, Factions
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Gray labels mark pages under development.

This is the only site with tools for creating: centrally-balanced councils,
central policies and fair-share funding for projects and agencies.

Each section looks at one use for voting such as electing reps or setting budgets.  The main page introduces the type of decision and some merits of the best voting rule.  Secondary pages explain the rule's logic through pictures, numbers and words.

Please read all the main pages before delving into the mechanics of a particular rule.  A typical consumer does not read the mechanic's manual for a refrigerator before using it and accurate voting rules are about that complicated.  Although some tallies are difficult, the voter's task of marking the ballot remains easy.

The old but well edited 1998 Introduction and Outline are still on line.  That version flows more logically by describing a tally method's math and then pointing out its influence on who wins and thus on politics.  (This new version avoids math in the main pages. It states a principle such as fair-share spending or central chairpersons, then relates the effects.)  The old version in print is handy to read closely and refer to later.

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